About Redfern

Redfern Natural History Productions is a UK based, family run company, owned and managed by Stewart McPherson.

We publish unique natural history books and organise specialist eco-tour expeditions. We also film and produce specialist wildlife documentaries for broadcast, and offer on location production support, fixer and scientific advisory services as well as high definition broadcast camera equipment hire. Our expanding stock library offers an extensive range of still imagery and high definition video footage for licencing.

Redfern Natural History Productions was founded to uphold the old values of values of natural history. All of our products are designed to facilitate the study, observation and description of the natural world, and share the beauty and diversity of the planet’s natural heritage with 21st century naturalists to further understanding and inspire protection and preservation. Click here to read why this matters.

The book titles that we publish handle specialist botanical, zoological and natural history subjects, mostly in areas that have never been documented in comparable detail before. Our books contain detailed (often very scientific) information that is presented in full English prose written to be accessible to all. This carefully crafted text is complimented by lavish use of spectacular but relevant supporting imagery, to proudly create book products of the highest quality. Click here to read about Redfern books, or click here to see our current catalogue.

Our range of expeditions offer passionate naturalists the opportunity to travel the globe, from Antarctica to Venezuela to Borneo. Many of the expeditions that we organise are focused on the very subjects covered by the books that we publish, often led by the world’s leading experts and authorities. Others handle unrelated subjects. Each expedition centres on an unusual destination, wildlife subject and experience, often in a unique way not offered by any other company. All of our expeditions are specially designed to incorporate as wide a range of wildlife and cultural subjects and experiences as possible, and as such, the tours appeal to nature lovers from all backgrounds. Our expeditions are carefully planned to be ethical, sustainable and respectful of wildlife, local people and local cultures. Click here to read about Redfern expeditions, or click here to see our current catalogue.

We have filmed and produced documentaries for a wide range of broadcasters, including the BBC, Discovery Channel and National Geographic. And we regularly offer production support, advisory services, film equipment and stock images and footage to broadcasters, independent production companies and channels across the globe. Click here to see a selection of our most recent documentaries and the production services that we offer, or click here to explore our stock image and stock video libraries.

As a company, we believe in supporting conservation, particularly the wildlife subjects that our books, expeditions and documentaries centre upon, and all of our activities directly raise funds for the conservation of nature. Click here to read about the conservation work we support.

We warmly invite you to explore our website, and we hope you will enjoy our products. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Redfern team