Redfern Expeditions

Redfern organises a range of expeditions that offer passionate naturalists the opportunity to travel the globe, from Antarctica to Venezuela to Borneo.

Many of the expeditions that we organise are focused on the very subjects covered by the books that we publish, often led by the world’s leading experts and authorities. Others handle unrelated subjects. Each expedition centres on an unusual destination, wildlife subject and experience, often in a unique way not offered by any other company. All of our expeditions are specially designed to incorporate as wide a range of wildlife and cultural subjects and experiences as possible, and as such, the tours appeal to nature lovers from all backgrounds.

Our expeditions are not sensationalist adventure tours, but carefully crafted nature-orientated journeys that explore the beauty of the natural world. All our expeditions are planned to be ethical, sustainable and respectful of wildlife, local people and local cultures. Many of our past expeditions have directly contributed to scientific understanding by revealing new information about wildlife and even the discovery of many new species (particularly orchids and carnivorous plants). If you would like to speak to us to ensure that our tours are right for you, please send us an email with questions or to arrange a time to speak via telephone or Skype.

Please visit our expedition catalogue page to view the full range of expeditions planned for the coming year.

If you would like further information, or would like to reserve a place on one of our expeditions, please send an email to confirming which expedition(s) you are interested in joining.



Lost World of Mount Roraima Expedition



Giant Nepenthes Expedition



Giant Nepenthes Expedition



Sulawesi Tribes and Jungles Expedition



Giant Nepenthes Expedition



Lost World of Mount Roraima Expedition



Antarctica Expedition