Exploration of Mount Anipahan and Mount Kiamo

A non-broadcast documentary (made just for fun) filmed during a 2011 expedition led by Stewart McPherson in search of new species of carnivorous pitcher plants (Nepenthes).


This 25 minute documentary follows on from “The Discovery of Nepenthes leonardoi” film (see “Documentaries” page of this website). We follow Stewart McPherson’s continuing search for new species of carnivorous plants. Stewart explores two remote peaks in the Philippines, Mount Anipahan on Palawan, and Mount Kiamo on Mindanao. On Mount Anipahan, a possible new species of pitcher plant (Nepenthes) is discovered, while on Mount Kiamo, two spectacular new species are revealed (later named N. ceciliae and N. pulchra).


A full account of the discovery of Nepenthes ceciliae and N. pulchra, and the descriptions of these plants as new species, as well as many other spectacular new Nepenthes species is provided in Redfern’s recently published book title New Nepenthes Volume 1.


Filmed by Andy Smith.