UK Overseas Territories series

Over 2012, 2013 and 2014, Stewart McPherson and the Redfern film team have spent 9 months undertaking the first journey in history to all 14 of the UK Overseas Territories to film a spectacular four-part natural history series that will be released in 2014.


Most people think that the UK consists solely of the British Isles…. cold rainy islands in Europe…. but 14 groups of islands remain under UK sovereignty scattered across the seven seas. These islands, the UK Overseas Territories, collectively comprise an area 7 times the land area of the British Isles, harbour 20 times the biodiversity and 9 times the endemism. They are Britain’s secret treasure troves of wildlife and history, yet 99% of Britons are unaware that they exist or even that they are connected to the UK.


The territories are home to some of the most extraordinary wildlife spectacles on earth. From the largest penguin colonies and world’s greatest concentrations of sea birds and sea mammals, to some of the largest sea turtle breeding populations, land crab migrations and most pristine coral seas and reefs. The territories are home to countless unique animal and plant species, whose story has never been told before.


The 11 months of filming has involved 70,000 km to travel to visit 19 major locations scattered across the globe, including many of the most remote and inaccessible islands on Earth. To complete the journey, the production team has relied upon Royal Airforce military planes, the last working Royal Mail postal ship, fishing trawlers, cargo vessels, and steel-hulled ice-ships.


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