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Fantastic service, I received my order the next day, well packaged and arrived safe! What a nice surprise! Thank you Redfern, for being so fast. The book [Pitcher Plants of the Americas] is beautiful and I will enjoy reading it over the next few weeks. I will be ordering your other titles soon!

— P. Walker, York, England, May, 2007.

I just wanted to email to say my order arrived this morning. Thank you for sending the books so quickly. They arrived in perfect condition and are absolutely beautiful. The photos took my breath away, so many species that I have never seen images of in any other books on the subject! Congratulations on a beautiful work, and I look forward to buying your other titles in the near future!

— E. Whitely, New Haven, CT, USA, April 2008.

Your Lost Worlds and Glistening Carnivores titles took my breath away. I can’t wait for the next books on pitcher plants! Great service and outstanding products! 5 star all round!

— S. Schmidt, Mannheim, Germany, May, 2008.

Very fast shipping, good communication, excellent books. Highly recommended seller

— R. Kazmaier, Texas, USA, August, 2009.

I have just received the books, and wow, they are beautiful. Absolutely Stunning, fellow Canadian carnivorous plant enthusiast who bought them are also raving about them. You guys, and especially Stewart did a wonderful job, by far the best books in my collection. I think it’ll take me more than this summer Vacation to read through everything, though I can’t wait.

— D. Casado, Canada, August, 2009

I just got the books [Pitcher Plants of the Old World vol. 1 & 2]. I am a very very picky book collector. I don’t like to crack the spine… I don’t like the jacket getting creased. I even turn the pages as if it’s a book from the 1st century. Your books all fit that criteria. I can’t believe my eyes. Everything I have wanted to know about our beautiful obsession is in here. These are the best books and I am thankful for the privilege of owning them and thank you for writing them. These books will be with me for the rest of my life… close to my heart. And I also thank you for inscribing my name. I just can’t get over how thorough you have been with the book. Your love of nepenthes is clearly apparent and I… just can’t describe how amazing it is to read these books. Thank you very very much.

— V. Anipindi, Canada, September, 2009

The books [Glistening Carnivores, Lost Worlds, Pitcher Plants of the Americas, Pitcher Plants of the Old World vol. 1 & 2] are here and they are gorgeous. The photos, the publishing work and what I have so far read of the text are all superb. The packaging was pretty much bomb proof. It was a bit of a leap of faith for us to jump on all your work at once. We are so glad we did. Having the books signed is an unexpected treat.

— E. Bassett and J. Addington, Callifornia, USA, December, 2009

Perfect service and communication! Well packaged and arrived safe. TheLost Worlds documentary and book are just amazing. Pitcher Plants of the Old World is 1400 pages of pure happiness. Thanks for your incredible series of books, complete, very well illustrated, and very instructive. Surely the most beautiful pages I’ve ever seen.

— G. Comte, France, January, 2010

The two volumes of Pitcher Plants of the Old World have arrived yesterday. Fantastic! My congratulations to an absolutely great and unquestionably monumental work dealing with this topic of natural history. I own most books ever written about carnivorous plants and particularly about Nepenthes, but your two volumes publication must presently have reached the climax ofNepenthes literature!

— R. Riedl, Australia, March, 2010

Being a Nepenthes lover and a grower of over 200 of them, your books [Pitcher Plants of the Old World] are both a guide and an inspiration to me. You won’t believe it but I have them on my night stand so I can read them every evening before I go to bed. They are just technical enough for us non-technical people and just readable enough for us Nepenthes lovers who want to know how and where they grow. These are definitely the definitive books on Nepenthes. Thank God you are crazy enough to go all over God’s creation to find these remarkable plants. Thanks for your great publications.

— D. Silverman, United States, August, 2010

The books [Carnivorous Plants and their Habitats Vol. 1 & 2] have arrived, and they are just mind-blowing gorgeous! We can’t wait to get into them in depth. Thanks Again.

— E. Bassett and J. Addington, USA, September, 2010

The “Pitcher Plants of the Old World” books are probably the most gorgeous books I own, I’ve been dipping into them almost every day since they arrived. The one thing that you do to persuade us to buy your books is to produce beautiful books with outstanding production values…. where everything about the books from the beauty of your photos to the quality of the paper makes them gorgeous items to own. I look forward to buying more from you!

— G. Davis, UK, October, 2010

I have just purchased your last two books ( Carnivorous Plants and their Habitats Vol 1 & 2 ). As with your previous books I have found it difficult to put them down. Your books are amazing and are a constant source of knowledge pertaining to what my wife calls my obsession. Every question I may ever dream up is answered and the excellent way they are written along with the beautiful photography makes them the best Carnivorous Plant books I have ever read. I cannot wait for your next instalment.

— J. Da Costa, Sydney, Australia, October, 2010

Your books I recently ordered, the two-volume set of Carnivorous Plants and their Habitats, are magnificent. Important, valuable and accessible reference works, they are also lively, entertaining and filled with beautiful photos and illustrations. A wonderful achievement; thank you.

— S. Doonan, New Mexico, USA, January, 2011

Outstanding service. Beautiful books! Many thanks

— S. Jeffries, Charleston, SC, USA, February, 2011.