• ISBN: 9780955891847
  • Pages: 723
  • Images: 374
  • Page size: 234 x 163 mm
  • Cover format:  Hardcover with dust jacket
  • Publication date: July 2010.

Growing in some of the most barren and extreme habitats of our world, carnivorous plants are adapted to very specific environmental conditions which must be understood for their successful cultivation. Carnivorous Plants and their Habitats, Volume One profiles the natural habitats and environmental requirements of each genus of carnivorous plants to provide horticulturists with a clear and focused understanding of the specific conditions which these remarkable plants require. By understanding the strange worlds in which these unusual and often spectacular plants naturally grow, horticulturists will be better equipped to successfully cultivate and study them.

Volume one covers introductory chapters, chapters on the evolution, distribution and habitat of these plants, and genus accounts of the Snap Traps and Pitcher Plants, including AldrovandaDionaeaDarlingtoniaHeliamphoraSarraceniaNepenthesCepahlotusBrocchinia and Catopsis.


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