We welcome new title submissions from prospective authors and are excited to read your proposal.

However, before submitting a new idea, please carefully review our range of books and make sure that your new idea fits our niche area of publishing.

Redfern publishes books that handle specialist botanical, zoological and natural history subjects, mostly in areas that have never been documented in comparable detail before. Our books are designed to be informative yet visually beautiful. All of our titles contain detailed (often very scientific) information that is presented in full English prose written to be accessible to all. This carefully crafted text is complemented by lavish use of spectacular but relevant supporting imagery, to proudly create book products of the highest quality.

We are unable to publish books outside this remit.

If you feel that your new book idea is aligned with our range of titles, please send an email to sales@redfernnaturalhistory.com requesting a New Title Submission Form. We will then email you the form to complete to provide us with a detailed overview about your new idea.

We treat all new idea submissions as strictly confidential.