Welcome to the Redfern documentaries catalogue

Below is a selection of recent broadcast and non-broadcast documentaries that we have filmed and produced, or contributed to.

Rediscovery of Nepenthes paniculata

New Guinea Thumb Nail2

A non-broadcast documentary (made just for fun) filmed during a 2013 expedition in search of Nepenthes paniculata, a carnivorous pitcher plant that had been lost to science and remained unknown for over 80 years.   In this 32 minute film, Stewart McPherson travels with a team of Nepenthes expert friends to the heart of New Guinea – one of the last great wildernesses on the planet – to explore a…

Lecture on Plant Hunting – Royal Horticultural Society 6th May 2014


A lecture by Stewart McPherson held at the Royal Horticultural Society on 6th May 2014.   Stewart recounts selected stories from 200+ expeditions that he undertaken over the past decade to all corners of the globe in search of rare plants to study and photograph to complete a series of thirty natural history books and several documentaries.   Filmed by Simon Vacher.

BBC2 Decade of Discovery


In 2010, Stewart McPherson and the Redfern team filmed footage in Venezuela and in the Philippines for the BBC to complete a 5 minute sequence in BBC2’s single episode Decade of Discovery documentary.   The five minute sequences follows Stewart McPherson on an intrepid helicopter expedition to a remote South American plateau to find an unnamed species of carnivorous pitcher plant (Heliamphora). The journey continues in the Philippines where Stewart undertakes…

The Discovery of Nepenthes leonardoi


A non-broadcast documentary (made just for fun) filmed during a 2010 expedition led by Stewart McPherson in search of new species of carnivorous pitcher plants (Nepenthes).   In this 23 minute film, Stewart McPherson travels to the island of Palawan in the Philippines, to climb a previously unexplored mountain. Along the journey, in uncharted territory, Stewart finds evidence of a little known tribe, a newly discovered carnivorous sundew (Drosera ultramafica) and a…

Sky Vision Plants Behaving Badly

11-12 - 11 - N. rajah Trail - N. rajah (24)

The 2012 single-episode documentary ‘Plants Behaving Badly’ was produced by SkyVision for Terra Mater.   This landmark documentary is narrated by Sir David Attenborough.   For this project, Stewart McPherson acted as scientific advisor, and assisted the production team in research, script-writing and on location as a fixer. Stewart guided the production team to key locations in the United States and in Borneo, and assisted filming, and contributed several presenting sequences…

UK Overseas Territories series


Over 2012, 2013 and 2014, Stewart McPherson and the Redfern film team have spent 9 months undertaking the first journey in history to all 14 of the UK Overseas Territories to film a spectacular four-part natural history series that will be released in 2014.   Most people think that the UK consists solely of the British Isles…. cold rainy islands in Europe…. but 14 groups of islands remain under UK…

Exploration of Mount Anipahan and Mount Kiamo


A non-broadcast documentary (made just for fun) filmed during a 2011 expedition led by Stewart McPherson in search of new species of carnivorous pitcher plants (Nepenthes).   This 25 minute documentary follows on from “The Discovery of Nepenthes leonardoi” film (see “Documentaries” page of this website). We follow Stewart McPherson’s continuing search for new species of carnivorous plants. Stewart explores two remote peaks in the Philippines, Mount Anipahan on Palawan, and Mount…