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Redfern Natural History Productions is a specialist book publishing house and documentary film production company based in the United Kingdom.

Since 2007, we have published over 60 natural history book titles covering many specialist subjects in unique detail and often for the very first time. Many of our books have been nominated for (and won)
various awards and accolades.

We take great pride in publishing. Each of our book titles typically involves several years of development prior to release and is crafted to the highest quality standards.
Our book catalogue is presented below.

Please note: recently published books are available for purchase directly through this website. Many of our older titles are sold out (in such cases, remaining copies of some
may be available from our distributor NHBS).

Since 2010, we have filmed, produced and edited wildlife documentaries for broadcast on TV channels across the world, including the BBC, National Geographic, SBS and many others, as well as YouTube
(our channel has tens of millions of views to date).

We hope our book and video productions may inspire awe and wonder at the beauty of the
natural world, and may ignite passion for the conservation of our planet.

Our travel division, Redfern Adventures, organises expert-led natural history expeditions and tours to unusual and remote destinations where few other companies operate.
We invite you to visit the Redfern Adventures website.


Available Artwork

Redfern Natural History Productions is promoting the sale of the following artwork to support the creation of botanical art and raise money for Ark of Life. Revenue from the sale of the following artwork is split between the artist and Ark of Life to support the conservation of carnivorous plants. Redfern Natural History Productions does not receive any profits from the sale of artwork we promote.

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Buy Signed & Numbered Edition

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