Dionaea: The Venus’ Flytrap

  • ISBN: 9781908787101
  • Pages: 447
  • Images: 376
  • Page size:  234 x 163 mm
  • Cover format:  Hardcover with dust jacket
  • Publication date: February 2013.

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Complete monograph of Dionaea muscipula, the world famous "Venus's Flytrap". Described by Charles Darwin as "the most amazing plant in the world", this unmistakable insect-eating plant produces leaves that bear jaw-like lobes that dramatically snap shut when triggered. Native to only a small part of North and South Carolina, Dionaea is the most iconic plant of the United States and all of the Americas, yet it often remains misunderstood.

This long-awaited and visually beautiful book presents a uniquely detailed treatment of all aspects of the botanical history, ecology, evolutionary history, distribution and cultivation of this miraculous plant.

Also included in Dionaea: The Venus's Flytrap are detailed descriptions and images of over 100 distinct horticultural cultivars from across the world (see contents tab). These include formally registered (officially recognised) cultivars, and others that have not yet been registered but are popular and well known among horticulturists in many countries. Many of the featured cultivars have never before been documented or depicted, and are introduced here for the very first time.

The cultivars covered in Dionaea: The Venus's Flytrap include:

Dionaea muscipula '1955'
Dionaea muscipula '1979'
Dionaea muscipula 'A2'
Dionaea muscipula 'Adentate'
Dionaea muscipula 'Akai Ryu'
Dionaea muscipula 'Alien'
Dionaea muscipula 'All Green'
Dionaea muscipula 'Angelwings'
Dionaea muscipula 'Australian Red Rosette'
Dionaea muscipula 'B52'
Dionaea muscipula 'BCP clone F04 Red Fused Petiole'
Dionaea muscipula 'BCP Clone X11'
Dionaea muscipula 'Big Mouth'
Dionaea muscipula 'Big Teeth Red Giant'
Dionaea muscipula 'Bimbo'
Dionaea muscipula 'Biohazard'
Dionaea muscipula 'Bristletooth'
Dionaea muscipula 'Clayton's Red Sunset'
Dionaea muscipula 'Clone XII'
Dionaea muscipula 'Coquillage'
Dionaea muscipula 'Crested Petioles'
Dionaea muscipula 'Crocodile'
Dionaea muscipula 'Cross teeth'
Dionaea muscipula 'Cudo'
Dionaea muscipula 'Cup Trap'
Dionaea muscipula 'Cupped Trap'
Dionaea muscipula 'DC All Red'
Dionaea muscipula 'DC XL'
Dionaea muscipula 'Dentata'
Dionaea muscipula 'Dentate Traps'
Dionaea muscipula 'Dracula'
Dionaea muscipula 'Ellis shark teeth'
Dionaea muscipula 'ERROR'
Dionaea muscipula 'Fangzahn'
Dionaea muscipula 'Fondue'
Dionaea muscipula 'FTS Crimson Sawtooth'
Dionaea muscipula 'FTS Flaming Lips'
Dionaea muscipula 'FTS Lunatic Fringe'
Dionaea muscipula 'FTS Maroon Monster'
Dionaea muscipula 'FTS Purple Ambush'
Dionaea muscipula 'FTS Shogun Star'
Dionaea muscipula 'Fused tooth'
Dionaea muscipula 'G14'
Dionaea muscipula 'G16'
Dionaea muscipula 'G3'
Dionaea muscipula 'Green Dragon'
Dionaea muscipula 'Green sawtooth'
Dionaea muscipula 'Green schuppenstiel'
Dionaea muscipula 'Green Wizard'
Dionaea muscipula 'Harmony'
Dionaea muscipula 'Holland Red'
Dionaea muscipula 'Jaws'
Dionaea muscipula 'Jaws smiley'
Dionaea muscipula 'Korean Melody Shark'
Dionaea muscipula 'Korrigans'
Dionaea muscipula 'Kynshaku'
Dionaea muscipula 'Long petiole'
Dionaea muscipula 'Long Red Fingers'
Dionaea muscipula 'Louchapates'
Dionaea muscipula 'Low Giant'
Dionaea muscipula 'Master of Disaster'
Dionaea muscipula 'Microdent'
Dionaea muscipula 'Mirror'
Dionaea muscipula 'Olivegrün'
Dionaea muscipula 'Paradisia'
Dionaea muscipula 'Petite Dragon'
Dionaea muscipula 'Phalanx'
Dionaea muscipula 'Pink Venus'
Dionaea muscipula 'Pluto'
Dionaea muscipula 'Red'
Dionaea muscipula 'Red Piranha'
Dionaea muscipula 'Red Pluto'
Dionaea muscipula 'Red Sawtooth'
Dionaea muscipula 'Red Sawtooth' (Bohemian Garnet)
Dionaea muscipula 'Rose'
Dionaea muscipula 'Royal Red'
Dionaea muscipula 'Sawtooth'
Dionaea muscipula 'Scarlet Bristle'
Dionaea muscipula 'Schuppenstiel I'
Dionaea muscipula 'Schuppenstiel II'
Dionaea muscipula 'Sharp Tooth'
Dionaea muscipula 'Snake Dentition'
Dionaea muscipula 'South West Giant'
Dionaea muscipula 'Southwest Giant'
Dionaea muscipula 'Spider'
Dionaea muscipula 'Spotty'
Dionaea muscipula 'Sunrise'
Dionaea muscipula 'Tiger Fangs'
Dionaea muscipula 'Trichterfalle'
Dionaea muscipula 'Triton'
Dionaea muscipula 'UK I'
Dionaea muscipula 'UK II'
Dionaea muscipula 'UK Sawtooth II'
Dionaea muscipula 'Umgekrempelt'
Dionaea muscipula 'Wacky trap'
Dionaea muscipula 'Wacky Traps'
Dionaea muscipula 'WB3'
Dionaea muscipula 'Weinrot'
Dionaea muscipula 'Werewolf'
Dionaea muscipula 'Whale'
Dionaea muscipula 'WIP Slim Snapper'
Dionaea muscipula 'Zickzackkiefer'