Redfern Natural History Productions is a UK-based company run by naturalist Stewart McPherson. We publish unique natural history books and organise specialist research and adventure expeditions to unusual destinations. We also film and produce specialist wildlife documentaries for broadcast, and offer on-location production support, fixer and scientific advisory services, as well as high definition broadcast camera equipment hire. Our expanding stock library offers an extensive range of still imagery and high definition video footage for licensing.

The book titles that we publish address specialist botanical, zoological and natural history subjects, mostly in areas that have never been documented in comparable detail before. The information presented in our books is typically based on scientific research, but presented in language that is accessible to all, and supported by lavish use of images to produce books that are as beautiful as they are informative.

Our range of expeditions offer scientists and passionate naturalists alike to travel access remote parts of the globe, from Antarctica and Venezuela to the interior of Borneo. Many of the expeditions that we organise are focused on the very subjects covered by the books that we publish, often led by the world’s leading authorities in particular fields. Our naturalist expeditions typically feature an unusual destination, wildlife subject or experience rarely if ever offered by any other company. All are specially designed by our team to incorporate as wide a range of wildlife, cultural subjects and experiences as possible—as such, the tours appeal to nature lovers from all backgrounds. Our bespoke research expeditions are specially tailored to the needs of our clients and will usually target remote locations in the regions that we specialise in. Our expeditions are carefully planned to be ethical, sustainable and respectful of wildlife, local people and local cultures. Our expeditions are listed on a separate website,

We have filmed and produced documentaries for a wide range of broadcasters, including the BBC, Discovery Channel and National Geographic. In addition to this, we regularly offer production support, advisory services, film equipment and stock images and footage to broadcasters, independent production companies and channels across the globe. As a company, we believe in supporting conservation, particularly the wildlife subjects that our books, expeditions and documentaries centre upon, and all of our activities directly raise funds for the conservation of nature.

We warmly invite you to explore our website, and we hope you will enjoy our products. If you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Stewart McPherson

Stewart is a British natural history writer and presenter, and founder and owner of the Redfern group of companies. Through Redfern Natural History, ( he has written and published thirty book titles, and overseen the printing of numerous other works by respected authors. He has also filmed, produced, and presented numerous wildlife documentaries for broadcast on the BBC, National Geographic, SBS and other channels.

Whilst writing and filming, Stewart climbed hundreds of mountains across the world (some of which previously unexplored) and ventured to many of the most remote islands on Earth. During his travels to study and document wildlife, history and cultures, he discovered and co-named 35 new species/varieties of plants, and re-discovered many more lost to science for centuries.

He founded Redfern Adventures to share his passion for natural history with a broad audience, and hopes that the trips offered make intimate and ethical wildlife experiences accessible to a broad audience.

The Redfern group of companies directly supports conservation and building relationships with communities in the countries in which we work. In excess of £30,000 has been raised and donated to conservation causes across the world. Stewart also founded to safeguard species extinct in the wild, and has received international awards for his conservation work, including most recently, the IUCN David Given Award for Excellence in Plant Conservation.