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Redfern Natural History Productions is a specialist book publishing house and documentary film production company based in the United Kingdom.

Founded by British naturalist Stewart McPherson in 2007, Redfern’s specialist books and film productions are intended to showcase the beauty and diversity of the natural world to ignite passion for the conservation of our planet.

Over the years, we have carefully crafted and published over 60 natural history book titles covering many specialist subjects in unique detail and often for the very first time. Many of our books have been nominated for (and won) various awards and accolades.

We take great pride in publishing. Each of our book titles often takes several years of development prior to release. While we appreciate the immense value of digital resources, we believe that high quality printed books can inspire and enthral, and capture a reader’s passion in a unique way. Each of our book titles typically involves several years of development prior to release and is crafted to the highest quality standards.

Since 2018, all Redfern book titles have been crafted using sustainable and ethically sourced materials.

We publish two types of books: hardcover titles and collector editions. The latter are limited edition works that are hand-bound in top quality leather by artisan craftsmen in England. They feature handmade oil-marble endpapers (also created by hand in England) and hand-gilted page edges. We take enormous pride in creating these breath-taking masterpieces. Each and every one of our collector edition books is individually signed and numbered by its respective author(s).

To view the full Redfern book catalogue, please click here.

Since 2010, we have filmed, produced and edited wildlife documentaries for broadcast on TV channels across the world (including the BBC, National Geographic, SBS and many others), as well as YouTube (our channel has tens of millions of views to date).

To view the full Redfern book catalogue, please click here.

Lastly, our travel division, Redfern Adventures, organises carefully planned, expert-led eco-tours and specialist natural history expeditions to unusual and exciting destinations where few other travel companies operate. Our goal is to offer the discerning traveller unique opportunities to experience and observe exotic wildlife, unusual cultures and outstanding landscapes in distant corners of the globe.

Many of our adventures focus on specialist subjects (such as carnivorous plants) or are unique trips designed to undertake specific missions (e.g. searching for new species of animals or plants or exploring little-known corners of the world).

We invite you to visit the Redfern Adventures website.

Company Values

Redfern Natural History Productions proudly supports the conservation of natural environment across the world. Many of the causes that we fund relate directly to the subject matter of books and films that we have released. We believe it is important to give back to such causes, and protect the wildlife that we document.

Over the past decade, we have directly donated more than £21,000 to conservation causes across the UK Overseas Territories.

We have also directly donated more than £10,000 to the conservation of carnivorous plants, including supporting the Ark of Life collection of species that are extinct in the wild (including Nepenthes clipeata, shown here) and the Meadowview Biological Research Station’s habitat restoration programme.

Perhaps most significantly of all, the Redfern Natural History team has worked intensively with the Don Hanson Charitable Foundation to create a wide range of books and resources that have been donated to tens of thousands of schools for the benefit of millions of students. Please visit www.hansonbox.org for an overview of this project.

To view a series of films about these efforts, please watch this playlist.

In recognition of these efforts, Stewart McPherson, the founder of Redfern Natural History Productions, received the 2012 IUCN David Given Award for Excellence in Plant Conservation.

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