New Nepenthes Volume Two

  • Authors: Stewart McPherson
  • ISBN: 978-1-908787-30-9
  • Pages: 500
  • Images: 750
  • Page size:  228 x 152 mm
  • Cover format:  Hardcover

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This second volume of the New Nepenthes series documents the spectacular and often surprising new discoveries relating to the genus Nepenthes (the tropical pitcher plants).

Authored by Stewart McPherson and Michal Golos, this work comprises:

Accounts of 51 species of Nepenthes described since New Nepenthes Volume 1 was published in 2011: N. abalata, N. abgracilis, N. adrianii, N. aenigma, N. alfredoi, N. alzapan, N. armin, N. barcelonae, N. biak, N. bracteosa, N. cabanae, N. cid, N. cornuta, N. dactylifera, N. diabolica, N. domei, N. erucoides, N. extincta, N. fractiflexa, N. halmahera, N. hirtella, N. justinae, N. kitanglad, N. kongkandana, N. krabiensis, N. latiffiana, N. leyte, N. longiptera, N. malayensis, N. malimumuensis, N. manobo, N. maryae, N. maximoides, N. minima, N. nebularum, N. negros, N. orbiculata, N. pantaronensis, N. parvula, N. putaiguneung, N. ramos, N. rosea, N. samar, N. sumagaya, N. talaandig, N. tayninhensis, N. tboli, N. ultra, N. viridis, N. weda and N. zygon (note: N. amabilis, N. baramensis and N. kurata were also described, but are synonyms of plants listed above).

Accounts of 7 resurrected and re-circumscribed Nepenthes species: N. alata, N. fusca, N. graciliflora, N. hemslyana, N. mollis, N. saranganiensis and N. zakriana

Descriptions of three brand new Nepenthes species (named and introduced for the first time) - names to be announced in New Nepenthes Volume 2!

Five Expedition Reports:
1. The rediscovery of Nepenthes epiphytica and N. mapuluensis.
2. The rediscovery of Nepenthes fusca and N. mollis (with an account to recent revisions of the N. fusca complex).
3. The rediscovery of Nepenthes paniculata.
4. The rediscovery of Nepenthes pilosa.
5. Exploration of little-known parts of the Hose Mountains.

New Knowledge from the Field:
1. Clarification on the taxonomy of Nepenthes beccariana.
2. an account of a new colour form of Nepenthes chaniana.
3. an account of the relationship of Nepenthes madagascariensis and N. masoalensis.
4. an account of the upper pitchers of Nepenthes palawanensis.
5. An account of a gigantic form of Nepenthes tentaculata.
6. A report on the current conservation status of endangered Nepenthes aristolochioides, N. clipeata and Nepenthes rigidifolia.
7. An account of Horrific Poaching and the Ark of Life Project.

Every page of New Nepenthes Volume 2 is crammed full of exciting new information and stunning imagery!

The work includes more than 1,600 images! More than 1,000 have never before been published.

Note: this work is specifically designed to complement the upcoming Redfern books “Nepenthes – The Tropical Pitcher Plants, Volumes 1, 2 and 3”.

The purpose of New Nepenthes Volume 2 is to document all of the new taxa described over the last decade, without any taxonomic changes or revision.

New Nepenthes Volume 2 underpins the treatment of the genus in Nepenthes – The Tropical Pitcher Plants, Volumes 1, 2 and 3.

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