Field Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Peninsular Malaysia and Indochina

  • ISBN: 9781908787064
  • Pages: 60
  • Images: 100
  • Page size:  250 x 180 mm
  • Cover format:  Hardcover with dust jacket
  • Publication date: July 2012.

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Field Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Peninsular Malaysia and Indochina offers a beautifully illustrated overview of the twenty three species of pitcher plant (Nepenthes) from Cambodia, Southern China, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

A number of species featured in this work are newly discovered recently, and the images featured are among the first to be published.

This fully illustrated field guide includes a short introduction toNepenthes, along with an overview of all the species known from Peninsular Malaysia and Indochina. Each species is then profiled over two pages with three representative images, and a concise summary of key features written in clear and accessible English. Concluding sections coverNepenthes hybrids, conservation of pitcher plants from Peninsular Malaysia and Indochina, Bibliography, Index and About the Authors.

The species documented in this work are:

N. alba
N. albomarginata
N. ampullaria
N. andamana
N. benstonei
N. bokorensis
N. chang
N. gracilis
N. gracillima
N. holdenii
N. kampotiana
N. kerrii
N. kongkandana
N. macfarlanei
N. mirabilis var. globosa
N. mirabilis var. mirabilis
N. rafflesiana
N. ramispina
N. sanguinea
N. smilesii
N. suratensis
N. thai
N. thorelii