Nature’s Tricks – How Animals and Plants use Disguises and Deception

  • Authors: Chien Lee and Stewart McPherson
  • ISBN: 978-1-913631-11-6
  • Pages: 160
  • Images: 290
  • Page size:  240 x 285 mm (landscape)
  • Cover format:  Hardcover



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Nature uses colour in astonishing ways. To hide from predators, to sneak up on prey and to keep young safe. From mimicry to warning displays and instant colour discover how animals and plants use disguises and deception to survive!

In this beautiful 160 page book, acclaimed naturalists Chien Lee and Stewart McPherson explore the many (and often astonishing) forms of trickery and deception used by animals and plants. Specific chapters are dedicated to defensive camouflage (exploring crypsis, disruptive colouration, iridescence, silvering, masquerade, decoration, transparency and colour change), hunting camouflage, mimicry (with detailed sections on Batesian mimicry, Mullerian mimicry, Gilbertian mimicry, Aggressive mimicry, Automimicry and Reproductive mimicry) and warning displays (including aposematic warnings and startle displays).

This journey through the colours of the natural world is a fascinating exploration of how organisms survive.
More than 500 species are profiled and documented in this work, each with descriptive text and a conservation status icon.

In addition to authoring this title, Chien Lee provided the overwhelming majority of the photographs included in this book. As one of the world’s top wildlife photographers, his images will leave you spellbound and entranced.